Payment and Banking solutions 

A Little About Me.

Paybotic provides payment and banking services to the cannabis and related industries. Developing strategic collaborations with premier financial services and payment technology platforms meets the demands of consumers. The technical platforms for cannabis retail businesses are meant to protect and secure deposits, simplify reconciliation, and improve cash visibility. Paybotic also provides bookkeeping, insurance, and other financial services.

What Makes Us Unique

The cannabis industry in the United States is relatively young and heavily regulated because cannabis is a controlled narcotic. Some of the most frequent forms of payment, such as credit cards, are prohibited by law. Furthermore, traditional institutions are unprepared to deal with the industry's restrictions, and cannabis businesses have had difficulty acquiring small business loans or processing transactions through banks.

Paybotic allows cannabis businesses to function similarly to consumer enterprises. It provides a number of payment processing options for cannabis and hemp dealers. It provides financial and managerial services. Because the company's business strategy revolves around supplying the cannabis industry, the team keeps a close eye on changing rules to assure customer compliance.

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